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Living Therapy


Therapy sessions are scheduled weekly and are 50 minutes in length. Some individuals may require more or less frequent visits, and some therapeutic interventions may require longer sessions, which generally do not exceed 90 minutes. 

Group therapy sessions are a cost effective alternative or addition to individual therapy. Fees and session lengths may vary. Click here to learn more about upcoming groups.

I understand that some individuals or families may be struggling with financial concerns. In such cases, I may work on a sliding scale. Fees will be determined during the initial evaluation session. 

I am an Out of Network service provider. If you have a PPO plan, you may be eligible for reimbursement for some percentage of therapy fees based on your insurance provider plan. You may also be able use funds from your Health Savings Account to pay for counseling. Receipts will be provided to you upon request. Contact your employer to see if you can use HSA funds to pay for services. 

Want to pay for a Therapy Session or Group?

Use PayPal.

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